What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a system of manual therapy based on the work of Andrew Taylor Still in the late 1800s. He observed that when the body is not moving as well as it should it can lead to problems, resulting in symptoms of pain and/or reduced movement. Osteopathy works on the premis that if normal movement is restored to the tissues and joints, the body will be in a better position to facilitate self-healing. Osteopaths work by feeling for restrictions and changes in tissue using palpation skills, plus observation of how the body is moving. Where there are barriers to movement, the osteopath aims to restore the function of these tissues through a variety of appropriate techniques. This can include articulation, rhythmic harmonics, manipulation, soft tissue massage, stretching and appropriate exercises.

Osteopaths look at how the whole body works as a complete system, not just as symptomatic areas. When one part of the body is not doing its fair share, there is increased load on the rest of the system. This is the reason we will aim treatment at areas of your body other than just the symptomatic area.

For example: if you have an ankle problem we might determine that it is your knee that is not funtioning as well as it might. This then compromises the ankle which ends up producing the symptoms. We will treat the knee as well as the ankle, in this way we hope not only to improve your symptoms, but also provide help and advice as to how you might stop the same problems happening again.

The safety of our patient is our number one priority, so if we feel you need to see a different specialist, e.g. rheumatologist, neurologist etc., or require other investigations e.g. blood tests, x-rays, then we will have no hesitation in referring you to the appropriate place - eg your Doctor.